Columbus Park in Kenosha

The Old Westside Neighborhood: Columbus Park

Historic Columbus Park in Kenosha is known for many things. One of those is Father Dom’s Mom’s Pasta Sauce, homemade by Angie Roscioli herself. Over the years, a variety of people have stopped by the Columbus Park neighborhood and enjoyed an afternoon of food, wine, songs, and stories that made our fast-paced world move a little slower so we could simply enjoy life.

Columbus Park in Kenosha has deep roots and strong ties throughout the local community. And Father Dom himself has written stories that last a length of time such as “10 Things I Learned Growing Up in the Old Westside/Columbus Park Neighborhood in Kenosha, Wisconsin“, or “A Taste of Memories from “Columbus Park“. Both of these books are available for purchase here!

If you’re looking to take a stroll down memory lane and remember the old times at Columbus Park in Kenosha, these books are sure to bring you back. And while you’re at it, taste some of the history by ordering some of Father Dom’s Mom’s Pasta Sauce! You won’t find something quite like this that will bring you down memory lane or provide history for those who weren’t there.

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