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How Father Dom’s Mom’s Pasta Sauce Began

So, I said to my mother: “Hey Ma, you’re only 93 years old, why don’t you get a job?” The next day, I come downstairs and there is a pot of spaghetti sauce simmering on all 4 burners on the stove…”I’ll show you!” she says… The rest is history as Father Dom’s Mom’s Pasta Sauce starts selling all over the USA with inquiries from 17 countries from all around the world! (I made that last part up!)

It’s no mystery…just ask Lawrence and Marc John Roscioli of loving memory! If you don’t have a direct line to Heaven, you can ask Larry and Julie Roscioli, Tony, Veronica (Ronnie), Dominique (Mimi) Roscoli-Greco or the countless hundreds of friends who tasted this heavenly sauce over the years at Casa Roscioli on 23rd Avenue in the Old Westside/Columbus Park neighborhood in Kenosha, Wisconsin!

Enjoy! Mangia Bene! Buon Appetito! God Bless you!

– Father Domenic Roscioli

Angie Roscioli,
The Mom Behind the Sauce

From traditional Italian Sunday dinners, Christmas eve celebrations, Papa Rosh Golf Memorials or Lunch Specials at TG’s Sports Bar, everyone knew that they were in for a great meal with Angie Roscioli cooking up a feast.

Homemade sauce, pasta, bread and meatballs were just the beginning of meals made with fresh ingredients and lots of love. Over The years, generations of friends, neighbors, and a few Archbishops enjoyed an afternoon of food, wine, songs and stories that brought our fast paced world to a welcome pause so to simply enjoy life.

Over the years, Angie’s special recipe sauce from Calabria simmered on the stove. Then one day her husband Lawrence made a bold suggestion: that the sauce needed a secret ingredient. Something from the Le Marche region of Italy where his family immigrated, to the Columbus Park neighborhood in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Could the vast differences between the northern and southern regions of Italy find peace in the same pot of pasta sauce?

Angie agreed to add the secret ingredient. So yes, Fr.Dom’s Mom’s Pasta Sauce is a union of the best of recipes from Calabria and Le Marche! Now it’s your turn to taste the pasta sauce that united Italy! As you know, food is more than taste.It’s also about the love of the people cooking in the kitchen. With Fr.Dom’s Mom’s Pasta Sauce, you’re welcomed and invited into our own family kitchen.

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