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About Us


About Father Dom

What do ducks, drug houses,  Saints, camps for children with cancer, street gangs, pancakes, fine wine, and rescued dogs have in common???    


Father Domenic J. Roscioli brings an enlightening approach to being a Catholic priest through story telling of his unique experiences in life and relating them to the challenges faced by people in their everyday lives.

"Along my life journey, I’ve discovered why flamingos are pink,what guns and ice cream have in common, what God whispers to each of us in our mother’s womb, and why you should never trust a kid in a wheelchair!  I’d like to share my stories and relate them to your story in God’s Grand Design.”

- Father Dom

Father Dom is a catholic priest in Wisconsin who grew up in Kenosha, WI. He has worked with many parishes over the years, as well as charitable causes, including a long time volunteer at Paul Newman's Hole in the Wall Gang Camp in Connecticut.  Father Dom is known for his ability to connect with people through stories, inspired by his life long experiences.  


  • parish missions 
  • catholic retreats 
  • public speaking events 
  • fundraising events 
  • motivational speaking 

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Holy Spirits Wine

Holy Spirits Wine

Father Dom is the founder of Holy Spirits Wine.  Get great wine delivered to your doorstep!  To learn more about Holy Spirits wine, click on the link:

Holy Spirits Wine
Next Step

Our Cause - Next Step

A portion of proceeds from Father Dom's products are donated to a great charitable cause - Next Step.  Next Step is an organization that provides counseling, mentoring and support to young adults who have recently been diagnosed with cancer and other life-threatening diseases.  You can learn more about Next Step and it's mission by visiting their website:

Visit Next Step